Bezenškova 18

1000 Ljubljana


contact: Špela Trošt, producer

telephone: 00386 (0) 51360735 (mobile)

Tomaž Grom - artistic director


Sploh (Sound / Performing / Listening / Observing / Hearing) Institute for art production and publishing was established in 1999 as a private non-for-profit cultural organisation. It engages in music and performing arts production, publishing and education. Sploh Institute is organizing concerts in the framework of CON-FINE APERTO, ZVOKOTOK, series of music/dance improvisations NEFORMA, music festival SOUND DISSOBEDIENCE and music workshops in the framework of RR - Raziskava, refleksija
Partners: Španski borci, galerija Škuc...

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The aim:

- Educate and support young artists

- Develop independent productions

- Create a network on local, regional, national and international level

- Support mobility of independent artistic creators and mobility of productions

- Support artistic creativity

- Research

- Cooperate and collaborate with representatives from various creative backgrounds and fields – from sub-cultural to marginales

- Attain an exchange of experience, encourage curiosity and investigation, communicate and open the artistic creation

- Invite the ‘useless’ members of today’s world into a new context in which they become active participants of a creative event, concretely – a musical compositions, performance

- Combine a various social groups and musicians in a live performance event

The program is financialy supported by Slovenian Ministry of Culture and Municipality of Ljubljana.


    • We continue in January... Happy new music!

    • RR (raziskava, refleksija) - glasbena delavnica

    • ZALOŽBA: Klik na izdaje
    • Zgoščenke pošljemo po pošti. Cena posamenze je 12 eur, vključujoč poštnino (za SLO). Naročila (ime, hišni naslov, naslov zgoščenke) pošljite na

    • GODBENI IMPERIALIZEM - poslušaj godbeni imperializem (radioštudent)

    • parl