• Tomaž Grom – double bass
  • Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec – live electronics (Max/Msp)
  • Primož Čučnik

The first TILT project was CD DVOJNIK / THE DOUBLE (1999) which was collaboration with Slovene poet Primož Čučnik. There, we were combining concrete sounds with improvised material in a song-like forms, and were exploring possibilities of translating spoken word into musical experience in a communicative way. The album consists of seven poems set against sound environments and three purely musical pieces. The CD is a hybrid of “hit songs”, improvisations, environmental soundscapes, musical compositions, and sound experiments. As it doesn’t burden itself with stylistic limitations, DVOJNIK / THE DOUBLE offers a 50-minute schizophrenic trip through various co-installations of meaning and sound, where playing, singing and speech intertwine and interflow in a sample of solid sounds. The entirely domestic production gives DVOJNIK / THE DOUBLE a robust freshness and a raw indirectness.