NEFORMA - music / dance improvisation series

Series of improvisations allows interconnection and mutual understanding of artists in the field of contemporary music and in the field of contemporary dance. Regular improvisational performances promote verification of creation principles, confront with the other contractors, survey procedures and reflection, and at the same time familiarize the public with the creative potentials in these artistic fields. Beforehand only music and dance ensembles will be agreed, other performance will be based on improvisation and interaction. Some of the events will be completely improvised, while others will be structured combination of dance and improvised music or structured music and improvised movement. Neforma wishes to encourage the participation of different authors, and give a platform to test their procedures of creation. The programme is realized in production of Sploh Institute, with co-funding of Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia and partners En-Knap and Španski borci.

Curators: Katja Legin & Jošt Drašler

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