• Producer: Zavod Sploh
  • Co-producer Gledališče Glej
  • Premiere: Theatre Glej, 10.12.2006
  • Author, performer: Tomaž Grom
  • Suggestions: Špela Trošt

On the pressure of art production/consumption. On ucertainty, marginality, a continual struggle for survival, an endless production and offer of ideas, concepts, communication and aesthetic pleasures. A display of “weaknesses”. On the evaluation of one’s own worth.

A performance on the pressures of production and consumption of creativity. About the rift due to identifying with sales. About evaluating self worth. About settling for conditions and circumstances that allow for creative "freedom". The artist's uncertainty, marginality, subordination, and constant fight for survival trigger an unfailing production and supply of ideas, concepts, communications and aesthetic delights. The artist becomes the artistic object, subject and material, all at the same time: goods. Goods direct our happiness and desires. With each and every new sale, the uncertainty of creation and existence takes one more step forward in time. The performance thus explores the relationship of the individual to production/consumption, when the supply becomes an unbearable necessity for the confirmation and preservation of self existence. It is an attempt to candidly acknowledge true helplessness. The performance Bruto wishes to render an area of pure presence by the body of sound. The prevailing expressional element becomes spontaneous sound, as a direct reflection of supplying the self.

“ In the sound performance Gross – as a difference from my concerts – I as a musician could, for the first time, hide behind the idea of an artist. I could afford to put the procedure of creating music up front, as a reflection of an artist’s point-of-view. ”

Tomaž Grom

bruto tomaz grom bruto tomaz grom