Visual Hallucination, Auditory Hallucination (2012)

Audiovisual work

  • Concept and performance: Tomaž Grom
  • Music and visual appearance: Franz Hautzinger, Jonas Kocher, Seijiro Murayama, Olivier Toulemonde, Tomaž Grom
  • Text: Špela Trošt
  • Recording and video editing: Ana Čigon
  • Production: Zavod Sploh in cooperation with festival Sonica

(Visual Hallucination, Auditory Hallucination) is a work in constant progress. It is a confrontation of non-present, technologically reproduced performers with an immediate presence of a musician in a concert context.

In the present times it seems that the presence of an organic body is superfluous and that it can be replaced by technology. Technological realisations of reality in digital, virtual and cybernetic worlds replace the carnal bodily presence with data bases, records, diagrams… Technological systems turning the body into a mass of artificial data maintain and further intensify the contemporary trauma of the relationship between the natural and the artificial body.

Prevalent today is an elusive, dispersed, disincarnated and intangible presence. As the contemporary presence is not subject to physiological limitations of form, space and time, it breaks down the borders between the real and the fictitious. The result of numerous technological treatments is the hyper production of simulacra and the omnipresent spectacle of the technologically accomplished form.

Video (youtube): Privid prisluh on festival Sonica in Ljubljana

privid prisluh mix