Sound Disobedience – music risk-taking tested

15., 16., 17. November 2013, Ljubljana, Španski borci

14.11.2013 - Thursday

15:00 - 18:00 music workshop (Escapade Wynton)

20:00 Charbin/Toulemonde (Fra, B)

Marjolaine Charbin – piano, Olivier Toulemonde – acoustic objects

21:00 Drašler/Karlovčec/Drašler - record presentation STIR*

Jošt Drašler – contrabass, Marko Karlovčec - sax, Vid Drašler - drums

15.11.2013 - Friday

15:00 - 18:00 music workshop (Escapade Wynton)

18:00 Miha Zadnikar lecture and talk about improvised music practise

20:00 Yoshikawa/Abbot/Wright (Jap, Uk)

Daichi Yoshikawa-electronics, Paul Abbot-drums, Seymour Wright-sax

21:00 Escapade Wynton (Fra)

Pierre Borel - sax, Joel Grip - contrabass, Antonin Gerbal - drums

16.11.2013 – Saturday

15:00 - 18:00 music workshop (Escapade Wynton)

19:00 Neforma – improvisations with dancers and musicians No!training Lab: Barbara Kanc, Barbara Ribnikar, Gyula Cserepes, Katja Legin, Nataša Živković, Nina Fajdiga – ples RR workshop participants (raziskava, refleksija) - music

20:00 Burkhard Stangl (Aut) – guitar, electronics

21:00 Kurzmann/Tomažin (Aut, Slo)

Christof Kurzmann – ppooll, Irena Tomažin - voice

Sound Disobedience creates an ambiance for practicing improvisation and for developing one's potential for improvisation. Improvised music needs to be performed regularly. At festivals, concerts, in private, in groups, solo and especially in new situations, as one's musical experience and expectations are being put to the test. Sound Disobedience is a space for exchange, where by way of concerts, workshops, lectures, and other forms, different border-line musical practices can interact with each other. Produced by Zavod Sploh in cooperation with Španski borci.

Tickets for all the events 20 eur, for separate event 5 eur, lecture is free. Participation on a workshop is free of charge, but it is necessary to apply through

Zavod Sploh is financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenija.

Produced by Zavod Sploh in coproduction with Španski borci.