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Ana Čigon

foto: sploh
foto: sploh
Ana Čigon (1982) is an artist that creates in the fields of video art, film and performances. Her projects tackle social and feminist issues, such as under-representation of women in history, memory and public monuments, LGBTIQ+ topics, critique of neo-liberalism, its brutal impact on people's lives and its devastating impact on nature, etc. Her works often contain elements of humour, irony and satire. She presents her works at solo and group exhibitions and film festivals in Slovenia and internationaly. For her video art she received several awards: she is the winner of OHO Award, finalist for the Slovenia Henkel Award and finalist of Vordemberge Gildewart Foundation Award. Her films have been selected in competition programs on international film festivals worldwide, and her animation Rebellious Essence received five awards.

As a performer, she has participated in the shows Welfare to the Nation (author: Sinja Ožbolt) and The lives and deaths of HPD (author: Loup Abramovici). She is a member of the Fem TV collective, within which she participates as a writer and performer, she is also the author and performed of four solo performances. Beside the mentioned, she also documents and creates videos for theater and music events.

She has been working with the Sploh Institute since 2012, especialy in connection to iMstrument (author: Tomaž Grom), for which she makes videos. In 2018 she has also participated in the project Re_humanization as a video artist.

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