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Andrej Fon

foto: sploh
foto: sploh

Multi-instrumentalist Andrej Fon's interest and career in music took root at the Lower Music School in Sežana where he graduated in clarinet. He later extended his field of musical activity to include saxophone, singing, writing texts and composing, bagpipes and various musical and sound instruments. He has created for, and still works with,  a variety of bands and projects including Strahuljarji, Žoambo Žoet Workestrao, Kraški solisti, Čarangi, Gita amrita, Horda Grdih, Barka Tone and Bele Plombe, Buče4 and Samo gromofon. His international experience has developed by cooperating with foreign musicians and performing on the international stage; in Croatia, Italy, Hungary (Big Ear and Szeget festivals ), in the Netherlands (Forbidden Fruits of Civil Society Festival 1998), in Germany, with the touring Indian singer, Haradhan das Baula, Seijiro Murayama, Francesco Cusa and Ruins Matada. He is also very active in performing arts and in the field of music pedagogy with children.

Among is his activities, Andrej Fon is a regular associate in several Sploh Institute projects. In addition to presentations at Confine aperto, Zvokotok and Neforma, in the RR and Sonce and sončice concerts po vsem svetu, at the international Sound Disobedience Festival, his contributions are also included on the Sound Disobedience compilation of Slovenian improvisational music and in the iMstrument collection of solo performance recordings. He also collaborates with the Samo Gromofon trio, in the Šift project and in performance Sorry.

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