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Jošt Drašler

Jošt Drašler_foto: Sploh
Jošt Drašler_foto: Sploh
In addition to musicology, Jošt Drašler studied double bass at the Regional Conservatory in Klagenfurt with prof. Uli Langthaler. Recently, he has been intensively engaged in areas of contemporary music practices with an emphasis on free improvisation. His interest is in the potentiality of risk and it’s natural development, which generates unpredictable sound textures.

He regularly participates and organizes workshops for free improvised music (BCMF, Raziskava, refleksija, Rojišče, Mariboring, 4 States Sessions, Improcon etc.). He is cooperating with a wide variety of musicians from highly diverse genres. His broad understanding of music is crossed by various genre frames from free jazz and freely improvised music through avant-rock to flamenco.
He collaborated with Zavod Sploh as a curator of the musical part of Neforma (2015-2020), he co-curated also a concert in the framework of Zvokotok cycle. A recording of his solo concerts is a part of the iMstrument collection. He performed at concerts in the framework of Confine aperto and Zvokotok series, Sonce in sončice po vsem svetu, RR and on international tours, at the Sound Disobedience festival and at the Neforma dance-music improvisation series. In 2013 an album with Drašler / Karlovčec / Drašler trio entitled  Stir, released by Sploh in co-production with l`innomable. With the mentioned trio he performed at festivals across Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France, Serbia and Croatia. Record was very well received among the critics, as it is in many ways a pioneering product in our geographical area.In 2018 his solo debut The Balloon Catcher was released. He also co-created a compilation Neposlušno, Mnogobolje with Oholo! and Štafelaj with TiTiTi.


Drašler/Karlovčec/Drašler – Elektrika, Pančevo

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