Zavod Sploh

Primož Čučnik

foto: Nada Žgank
foto: Nada Žgank
poet and translator
He has published numerous poetry collections, for which he received a number of international awards. From Polish and English he translated some of the basic works of contemporary authors (Białoszewski, Sommer, Świetlicki, Wiedemann, O'Hara, Bishop, Ashbery, Cage). He is the editor-in-chief of the Literatura magazine and the editor and founder of the Sherpa pocket publishing house.In 1999 he co-created (with Tomaž Grom and Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec) album Dvojnik. Later, with Grom, he co-created a compilation Košček hrupa and ščepec soli (Kud F. P., 2002). In trio CPG impro (Čučnik/Pepelnik/Grom) he has been participating since the very beginning.



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