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Samo Kutin

foto: Nada Žgank
foto: Nada Žgank
foto: sploh
foto: sploh
Samo Kutin is an extremely active multi-instrumentalist, known for his use of unconventional and self-made musical instruments and sound-making objects. One of the traditional instruments in his repertoire is also the Hungarian medieval string instrument hurdy gurdy, which he can be often seen in playing at the events of experimental and improvised music. In the field of ​​free improvisation he is intensively devoted to finding, discovering and manipulating the various potentialities of the hurdy gurdy. The extreme acoustic dimensions, from gentle noise to noisy drones, from soft blows to unbearable whimpers, he reaches through the preparation and amplification of the musical instrument, using both contact microphones and acoustic resonators.

He performs as a soloist and in a variety of improvised combinations (among others, duo with Jean-Luc Guionnet, Lee Paterson, Boris Baltschun, Daichi Yoshikawo etc.) and ethnic ensembles at international festivals and various stages. He also creates music for fairy tales, animations, theatrel, puppet and dance performances and regularly runs workshops for children.

He has been a frequent and important contributor to realizing several Sploh Institute projects; he performed at concerts in the framework of Confine aperto, Zvokotok, Sonce in sončice po vsem svetu, RR and on international tours, at the Sound Disobedience festival and at the Neforma dance-music improvisation series. His solo concert recording is a part of the iMstrument collection. He is a band member of Samo Gromofon and the Šalter Ensemble. His solo CD, Plovilo, was released by Sploh,  the album, Kopaš, in duo with Jean-Luc Guionnet, Stutter And Strike with Martin Küchen and Štiri dela with Šalter Ensemble.


Samo Kutin – solo, hurdy gurdy, Tea Grahek – video
Samo Kutin: Priprto – solo, hurdy gurdy
Solo – Salon za ENO glasbo
Najoua (with Ana Kravanja) with Ryuzo Fukuhara – dance
Samo Gromofon – Mariboring Festival

Bliže – album Plovilo
Kopaš – album Kopaš

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