What and Why Sploh

foto: Marcandrea
foto: Marcandrea
Sploh Institute for art production and publishing is engaged in music, performing arts and intermedia arts production, publishing and education.
Primarily it is oriented towards developing, staging, establishing and reflecting musical practices that dip a toe in the waters of:
- improvisation, i.e. braking free from the pre-prepared forms, syntaxes, rhythms and sound spectrums;
- historically aware, but unconventional contemporary composition, which is risky, open to various genres and connected to the development of technologies;
- sound and technological experiments, which include diverse playing techniques, new compositional procedures and working with new technological interfaces for creating music.

The aim:
- Educate and support young artists
- Develop independent productions
- Create a network on local, regional, national and international level
- Support mobility of independent artistic creators and mobility of productions
- Support artistic creativity
- Research
- Cooperate and collaborate with representatives from various creative backgrounds and fields – from sub-cultural to marginals
- Attain an exchange of experience, encourage curiosity and investigation, communicate and open the artistic creation
- Invite the ‘useless’ members of today’s world into a new context in which they become active participants of a creative event, concretely – a musical compositions, performance
- Combine a various social groups and musicians in a live performance event

Sploh Institute’s programme includes:

- Sound Disobedience festival – music risks on trial
- concert series: Confne aperto, Zvokotok, Sluhodvod
- production of the iMstrument
- publishing – important for self-reflection and for promoting the 'scene'
- Research, Reflect workshop – an alternative to conventional music education  
- Reflection – aimed at researching and archiving borderline music practices  
- performance art series: Neforma, Ventilator, Šift
- Reading reading – multimedia sound and performance research
- touring Slovenia and abroad

Since 2010 program is financially supported by Slovenian Ministry of Culture and Municipality of Ljubljana.

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