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Touring 2021

14.08. Tomaž Grom in Denes Debrei, festival Telesa, svetovi, Krušče
13.08. – Tomaž Grom – solo, ob razstavi Hedonizem 2020-2021, Grad Grad
12.–14.08. – Tomaž Grom: iMštrument, festival Telesa, svetovi, Krušče
10.08  – Tomaž Grom – solo, festival Telesa, svetovi, Krušče
05.08. – Špela Trošt – Moja pojavnost nima več ostrih robov, festival Topografije zvoka, galerija ŠKUC Ljubljana
30.07. – Oholo!, Jazz festival, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana
22.07. – Tomaž Grom – solo, Mudri dolac, Hvar
17.07. – Stavkanje in jecljanje, predstavitev CD, Jazz Cerkno, Slovenija
08.07. –  iMštrument, L'estate indiane, Cesena, Italija
08.07. – Tomaž Grom – solo, L'estate indiane, Cesena, Italija
02.07. – Šift#19 – Za vsako rit raste šiba, Pripovedovalski festival, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana
02.07. – Šift#18 – LIBERTÉ, EGALITÉ, FRATERNITÉ, Nova pošta, Ljubljana
27.06. – Oholo!, Bistrica ob Sotli
25.06. – Šift#17 – Pravica prihaja, Muzejska ploščad, Ljubljana
25.06. – Ventilator: digital 1.5.2, Tivoli, Ljubljana
18.06. – Gimnastika ne/smisla, Skladišče/Magazzino LIbertas FEstival, Koper
16.06. – Zveze #drugič, festival Pajek, Ljubljana
05.06. – Oholo!, Čadrg
16.–18.04. – Šift#16 – Dihaj, Fotopub, Ljubljana
09.03. – Tomaž Grom - solo, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana
15.02. – Tomaž Grom - solo, Rojišče, Vrhnika
03.02. – Gimnastika ne/smisla, voajerski pogled, Ljubljana
26.01. – Komaj čakam, da prideš, spletna premiera, Ljubljana


Zveze: Drugič (Irena Z. Tomažin, Loup Abramovici, Jurij Konjar, Tomaž Grom) - Spider Festival

16.6.2021 Festival Spider 6:30 PM

Jurij tells us: “I (still) find the most radical question to be: Where are we now? Here, now. Today. Any look at the previous (year) would result in a comparison and emphasis of what used to be an unburdened experience. The context has changed. The past is nothing more than a memory and thus one of the elements of what makes us, here now.”

For the second time, two dancers, a vocalist, and an instrumentalist come together. They all use improvisation not only as a method but as their core interest. They embark on uncertainty of form and perhaps even on new rules: a quiet dancing body and a loud sonic body, and on top of that a radical body of voice in the field of improvisation and performance in a potential tension. But this is not a conceptualized project, but rather an improvisation as collective composition which takes place through a dialogue between two performative mediums – music and dance. As that which welcomes mistakes, slips, and disasters on stage. 

Connections wish to be open, fluid, evasive, untameable, indefinable, and unspeakable on all levels … contextually, thematically, formally, in terms of content, production, execution … Connections are and are not … disconnected. 

# where are we # here now # new context on horizon # perhaps even new roles 
concept, choreography, performance: Jurij Konjar, Loup Abramovici, Irena Z. Tomažin, Tomaž Grom

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