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Touring 2024

8. 4. – Ne misli, da bo kdaj mimo, Kinodvor, Ljubljana
22. 3. – Tomaž Grom, Kavč festival, Ljubljana
13. 3. – Tomaž Grom, Osnabruck, Nemčija
8. 3. – Zdej loh spokam zdej loh grem, Stara mestna elektrarna, Ljubljana
5. 3. – Ne misli, da bo kdaj mimo, Kinodvor, Ljubljana
23. 2. – Oholo!, MENT, Ljubljanski grad, Ljubljana
21. 2. – Zveze: Tea Vidmar in Tomaž Grom, Taktišče, Hupa Brajdič, Ljubljana
20. 2.- – Ne misli, da bo kdaj mimo, Kultruni dom Franca Bernika, Domžale
19. 2.- – Ne misli, da bo kdaj mimo, Kinodvor, Ljubljana
15. 2. – Tomaž Grom spremlja film Trpljenje device Orleanske, Kinoteka, Ljubljana
8. 2.- – Ne misli, da bo kdaj mimo, Kultruni dom Franca Bernika, Domžale
6. 2.- – Ne misli, da bo kdaj mimo, Kinodvor, Ljubljana
2.–3. 2. – Na delo!, Hangar teatri, Triest, Italy
3. 2. – Zvokotok: Steve Reich, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana


Šalter Ensemble, Jazz Cerkno

Šalter Ensemble operates on the border between free improvisation and composition, focusing on collective processes as a central part of its practice. The project is an international electroacoustic ensemble initiated in 2017 by Jonas Kocher in collaboration with Zavod Sploh Ljubljana and Izlog Festival Zagreb, and has since performed at numerous venues and festivals in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland and Serbia. In 2021, the ensemble released the album Štiri dela.

The ensemble consists of outstanding personalities from the Swiss music scene, the Slovenian music scene and, in this year’s edition, exposed representatives of the Styrian music scene. The musicians come from a wide range of backgrounds – from jazz to traditional and folk music to contemporary improvised and electronic music – and are from different generations.

In its current programme, Šalter presents new compositions by Jonas Kocher & Gaudenz Badrutt, Elisabeth Harnik and Tomaž Grom, which were developed especially for Šalter during a residency in Venice.

Šalter 2023: Jonas Kocher – accordion; Gaudenz Badrutt – electronics; Ilia Belorukov – saxophone; Estelle Beiner – violin; Alfred Lang –  trumpet; Elisabeth Harnik – piano; Josef Klammer – drums, electronics; Samo Kutin – hurdy–gurdy; Irena Z. Tomazin – voice; Tomaž Grom – double bass, electronics

Concerts 2023
05. 05. Venezia Mestre (IT), Forte Marghera 
19. 05. Cerkno (SLO), Jazz Festival
25. 05. Biel/Bienne (CH), Le Singe
26. 05. Zürich (CH), Videoex Festival
23. 11. Ljubljana (SLO), Festival Forum za novo glasbo

29. 4.-5. 5. 2023  Venezia Mestre (IT)Forte Marghera
This work was produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Union.

Bruit Association (Biel/Bienne):
Zavod Sploh (Ljubljana):
Styrian Association for New and Improvised Music (Graz/Austria)

Jazz Cerkno, Live Arts Culture 

Land Steiermark Kultur, Stadt Graz, Bundesministerium Kunst, SKE Fonds, GFÖM / AKM, Alpen-Adria Allianz (AAA), Stadt Biel / Ville de Bienne, Swisslos, Kultur Kanton Bern, Fondation Nicati – De Luze, Pro Helvetia, Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung, Fondation Suisa, Ministry of Culture of The,, Republic of Slovenia, City of Ljubljana, European Union (Culture Moves Europe)


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