Zavod Sploh
I’d Like To See The Trees On Our Way Video

I’d Like To See The Trees On Our Way

documentary 13'18''

Tomaž Grom
Tomaž Grom, Špela Trošt

Ana Pepelnik, Ana Svetel, Ifigenija Simonović, Tone Škrjanec

tour organiser
Amalija Maček

Nada Marija Grošelj, Jasmin B. Frelih (Techno), Anthony Rudolf (Give A Caged Bird A Child In A Cage)
produced by
Slovenian Book Agency and
Zavod Sploh

I’ve been on a number of tours. But it’s different with poets. They may just sit and look. Imagine what they notice! Stinking oxeye daisies. Ladybirds that poop on your hand. How to collect eggs in a hen coop. And steep your whole day in delicious scents. How the pencil often hides just when you want to write something. About gnats attacking plane trees. About the flight of quail. And about Matt the Cat who doesn’t venture outside the house. About catching whiffs of perfume from a nearby street. Ana would like a Molecule 01. Or about the height of stockings. About lightning strokes and thunder peals. About one’s own dark side, which actually proves useful in translating. About one’s lost GPS. About the Stinker Bug that smells like coriander.

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