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Composition for Accordion

foto: Marcandrea
foto: Marcandrea
foto: Marcandrea
foto: Marcandrea
foto: Marcandrea
foto: Marcandrea
Sound interactive instalation, 2011

In our present-day societies we are under constant surveillance by cameras, photocells, barriers and slogans for analogic and digital entering and exiting. Despite these impingements on our freedom and control we still go on thinking that we are infinitely free. Creative freedom as a privileged domain of art is a fallacy. I am, insofar as I am under control.

The underlying theme of the performance is music. The title Composition for the Accordion is taken from the rich arsenal of classical naming for compositions. In this case the performance/composition is likewise intended for an instrument, but not in the classical sense. Instead of musicians enacting the composition on the accordion, the instrument as an exhibited item is put into the role of the audience which is listening.

The other subversion takes place when the composition is digitally translated into notation and conveyed into another room where it is then transformed into a real-life situation as the musician can try and simultaneously render it live.

The performance takes place in a gallery space. There is an accordion placed on exhibit, surrounded by loudspeakers. There are also sensors/photocells – instruments featuring more and more frequently as a means of controlling access within the urban environment. By entering and exiting the space governed by photocells, arbitrary visitors trigger off parts of pre-recorded materials and this way simultaneously create a sound-movement composition of an interactive performance. The accordion assumes the opposite role and functions as an observer/listener. Simultaneously in the other room those compositions are digitally translated in order to be performed on accordion in real time - prima vista.

The enactment of Tomaž Grom's composition requires two gallery visitors who, aided with written instructions and a stopwatch, assume the role of the active performer. Alternatively the visitors are also entirely free to enact their own compositions however they wish.

Concept and composition: Tomaž Grom
Programming in: Arduino (microcontroller), Pure Data (sound), Processing (image) and realisation of sensorial system: Vasja Progar
Text: Špela Trošt

1.–4.10.2011, Galerija, Earzoom festival Ljubljana
2.–5.11.2012, Moderna galerija Budva, Črna gora
27.–29.12.2012, Galerija Tir, Mostovna
17.9.–1.10.2013, Nova galerija, Delavski dom Trbovlje

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