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The Razsrediščenja cycle aims to promote music events in local spaces and connect them with the geographically wider scene. In 2021, we are heading to Maribor where a co-production with GT22 will take place. The common denominator of all participants is an uncompromising descent into experimental tryouts and the search for new musical content, themes, and forms. Razsrediščenja risk unproven combinations that provide vividness and unpredictability, pose a challenge to the diverse scene and thus force it into a curious confrontation with itself.
Exposing the domestic music creation is crucial for the awareness of the action and richness of local research activities, as well as for a regular review and reflection.

The programme for 2021 was designed by Igor Bezget. In co-production with GT22.

Razsrediščenja #1: GT22, Maribor, 12.5.2021
Urška Gajšt, Dejan Berden, Domen Gnezda
Borut Žerdoner, Grega Kozar, Tea Vidmar

Razsrediščenja #2: GT22, Maribor, 19.5.2021
Ariel Vei Atanasovski, Vid Drašler
Gaja Klas, Sanjin Jašar, Andrej Fon
Blaž Švagan, Jure Boršič, Tadej Kampl, Nino Mureškič

Razsrediščenja #3: GT22, Maribor, 26.5.2021
Janja Turk, Marko Črnčec, Jošt Drašler
Tilen Beigot, Damir Višič, Žiga Ipavec

Razsrediščenja #4: GT22, Maribor, 15.9.2021
Beno Soršak, Damir Mazrek, Rob Canning
Tilen Lebar, Tibor Pernarčič

Razsrediščenja #5: GT22, Maribor, 6.10.2021
Samo Šalamon, Igor Bezget
Irena Z. Tomažin, Samo Kutin, Matija Schellander, Tomaž Grom

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