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Razsrediščenja + Better Live

concert cycle of experimental and improvised music

In 2024, the Razsrediščenja cycle will be woven into the wider Better Live project, which was successful in the Creative Europe call for projects.

Better Live is an international project that will run until August 2026 and is committed to the sustainable circulation of musicians in Europe. It envisages the circulation and encourages the employability of European musicians in a sustainable way, i.e. by taking into account economic, social and environmental aspects. It addresses the challenges that the current crisis (post-covid era, war in Ukraine) has revealed and exacerbated. These are challenges that, if not addressed decisively, urgently and holistically, will ultimately threaten the diversity, quality and integrity of the entire European music scene. The current revival is a unique opportunity to lay solid foundations for a more fair, diverse and green music industry.

11 partners from different European countries participate in the project. Each of them should establish a network of local partners in their region to organize tours of invited foreign and local musicians. Who to invite and how to organize events is left to the regional networks, which decide for themselves. However, since the project addresses environmental, social and economic issues, this circulation will take place in the form of small concerts in connection with local communities and will be fairly paid. This means, for example, that the performer does not fly in just for one big festival event, but we enable him or her a tour of several smaller concerts, maybe a residency, workshops, recording and networking with local musical actresses and actors, even in the long term.In order to realize this goal, we have networked with several partners at the local/regional level who organize diverse musical events. The plan is to carry out a total of 30 or more activities in 2024 and 2025, within the framework of two tours in each year.

Better Live + Razsrediščenja tour: Vasco Trilla & Diego Caicedo
5.4. Trieste – Hangar Teatri: Diego Caicedo, Vasco Trilla, Tea Vidmar, Tomaž Grom
6.4. Cerkno – Dvorana Glasbene šole v Cerknem – Keltika concert series – Diego Caicedo, Vasco Trilla, Jošt Drašler
7.4. Vrhnika – Železniška postaja Vrhnika-Mesto – Rojišče concert series – Diego Caicedo, Vasco Trilla, Jošt Drašler, Vid Drašler
8.4. Zagreb – Močvara – Impronedjeljak concert series – Diego Caicedo, Vasco Trilla
9.4. Bistrica ob Sotli, Klub Metulj, Residency/recording & concert – Diego Caicedo, Vasco Trilla, Jure Boršič, Žiga Ipavec
10.4. Bistrica ob Sotli, Klub Metulj, Residency – Diego Caicedo, Vasco Trilla
11.4. Maribor, GT22 – Diego Caicedo, Vasco Trilla, Tea Vidmar, Irena Z. Tomažin
12.4. Lokavec, Klub Štala – Diego Caicedo, Vasco Trilla
13.4. Šempeter pri Gorici – Bivša kinodvorana v Šempetru – FriFruFra series – Diego Caicedo, Vasco Trilla, Jure Boršič, Žiga Ipavec
14.4. Staranzano – Dobialab – Diego Caicedo, Vasco Trilla, Andrea Gulli, Paolo Pascolo 

Defonija, Ljubljana
Humanistično in Umetniško Društvo "O", Vrhnika
KUD Kussa, Lokavec pri Ajdovščini
KUD Zvočni izviri (Fri-Fru-Fra in  Brda Contemporary Music Festival), Nova Gorica, Brda
Jazz Cerkno, Cerkno
GT22, Maribor
Non-Aligned label, Bistrica ob Sotli
Sajeta, Tolmin
Društvo kulture Laškega, Laško
DobiaLab, Staranzano (IT)
Hangar Teatri, Trieste (IT)
Umjetnička organizacija Cargo (Impronedjeljak), Zagreb (HR)
Zavod Sploh, Ljubljana

Le Périscope, Lyon (FR)
Wytwórnia, Łódź (PL)
Bimhuis, Amsterdam (NL)
Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo (NO)
Plataforma Jazz España, Cadiz (ES)
Zavod Sploh, Ljubljana (SI)
The Cluster, Athens (EL)
Improvised Music Company, Dublin (IE)
Livelab Tampere, Tampere (FI)
EMEE - European Music Exporters Exchange, Bruxelles (BE) / research partner
Jazzahead, Bremen (DE) / Dissemination partner
Better Live is co-funded by the 
Creative Europe Programme of the European Union
The Razsrediščenja cycle aims to promote music events in local spaces and connect them with the geographically wider scene. The common denominator of all participants is an uncompromising descent into experimental tryouts and the search for new musical content, themes, and forms. Razsrediščenja risk unproven combinations that provide vividness and unpredictability, pose a challenge to the diverse scene and thus force it into a curious confrontation with itself.

Exposing the domestic music creation is crucial for the awareness of the action and richness of local research activities, as well as for a regular review and reflection.

2021-2022 Igor Bezget (GT22, Maribor) 
2022 Andrej Boštjančič (Klub Metulj, Bistrica ob Sotli)
2023 Gal Furlan (Klub Štala, Lokavec), Tomaž Grom (Zavod Sploh), Zlatko Kaučič (Zvočni izviri)
2024 collective of regional network

2021 GT22
2022 GT22Klub Metulj 
2023 KUD Kussa, Hud-O, Zvočni izviri, PiNA, Sajeta

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Razsrediščenja v Klubu Štala, Lokavec

Razrediščenja v sodelovanju s KUD Kussa

1. Anil Eraslan - violončelo
2. Les Marquises:
Emilie Škrijelj - harmonika, gramofon, elektronika
Tom Malmendier - bobni

Anil Eraslan
Violončelist, skladatelj in improvizator Anil Eraslan sodeluje pri različnih glasbenih projektih med Berlinom, Parizom, Strasbourgom in Istanbulom. Od tradicionalne anatolske glasbe do eksperimentalne in improvizirane glasbe množi izkušnje z ansambli, kot so Klub Demboh, Trickster Orchestra, Eponj, Sousta Politiki in številnimi ustvarjalnimi glasbeniki z vsega sveta. Kot filmski ustvarjalec trenutno pripravlja svoj prvi igrani dokumentarni film o sceni proste improvizacije v Istanbulu.

Les Marquises
Les Marquises je duo, ki deluje v polju proste improvizirane glasbe in sta ga leta 2019 ustvarila Emilie Škrijelj in Tom Malmendier. Prvi album "Les Marquises" sta izdala leta 2020 pri lastni založbi "eux sæm", drugega leta 2021 "Tropism" pa pri francoski založba "Carton Records". Imela sta več evropskih turnej. Dva glasova dihata skupaj, se izmenjujeta, kregata in zvijata kot drevo. Ples na žerjavici, goreče markize ...
"Razigran, ekstatičen in prisrčno zmeden duo Les Marquises združuje Malmendierjev bobnarski slog, zaznamovan z vrsto nepredvidljivosti in pripomočkov vseh vrst, ter Škrijeljino edinstveno pot kombiniranja harmonike in gramofona. Rezultat je abstraktna, nihajoča zvočna izkušnja, ki se zdi kot oseben in nenehno razvijajoč se zvočni jezik."

Anil Eraslan, cello
Cellist, composer and improviser Anil Eraslan participates in various musical projects between Berlin, Paris, Strasbourg and Istanbul. From traditional Anatolian music to experimental and improvised music, he multiplies experiences with ensembles such as Klub Demboh, Trickster Orchestra, Eponj, Sousta Politiki and many creative musicians from all over the world. As a filmmaker, he is currently working on his first feature documentary on the free improvisation scene in Istanbul.

Emilie Škrijelj - accordion, turntable, electronics
Tom Malmendier - drums
Les Marquises is a duo of free improv music created by Emilie Škrijelj and Tom Malmendier in 2019. They released their first album “Les Marquises” in 2020 on their own label "eux sæm" and the second one in 2021 "Tropism" on the French label "Carton Records". They went on several European tours. Two voices breathe together, exchange, scramble and curl up like a twining plant. A dance on the embers, ardent Marquises …
"Playful, ecstatic and heartily confusing, the duo Les Marquises brings together Malmendier’s drumming style, laden with unpredictability and gadgetry of all sorts, and Škrijelj’s unlikely pathway as accordeonist gone rogue via turntablism. The result is an abstract, oscillating sound experience that feels like a personal and ever-unfolding sonic language."


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