Zavod Sploh


It is designed as a place to integrate and connect various media within a musical event. At the production level, it provides an in-depth methodology for creating and co-creating, conceiving and contextualizing, collective creation and comprehending contemporary music. It establishes a platform for extended and more intense searching, experimentation, testing and connecting between musicians (improvisers, contemporary musicians, composers, sound artists), musicologists and other theoreticians and creators in a variety of expressive fields (video, mixed media, writers …).

The project is aimed at promoting and developing musical, sound and advanced performance procedures, principles and methods of creating and receiving artistic content and form. In this, it aims to empower the importance of the reasons that lead an artist to a public artistic act, and also for the audience to recognize the reasoning, the meaning, as well as the selection of procedures, techniques, musical language and other elements. An articulate starting point and comprehensive gestures provide the possibilities for specific artistic and broader social impact. Sluhodvod creates reflection as the starting point and goal of the creative process. It addresses the collective creative process and loosens the theoretical, institutional and technological boundaries.

Sluhodvod 2021
Sluhodvod 2019

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