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Sluhodvod 2020Photography

Sluhodvod 2020

Ljubi me brzo (love me fast)

The work is based on the literary text by Nina ljubi me brzo, published in 2016 in the literary magazine Idiot.

Performers (in alphabetical order):
Nina Dragičević, Vid Drašler, Irena Tomažin Zagoričnik, Irena Yebuah Tiran
Fragment I, 28.9.2020, Španski borci
Public rehearsal
We took the concept of Sluhodvod seriously and thus in the first event we open
the door to the work-research-thinking process. People – we will let them on
stage – will be able to move around freely, come and go, and we get together to
rehearse, discuss, and so on.
In short, this will not be a concert, it will be a rehearsal, we will not burden
ourselves with the audience.

Fragment II, 1.11.2020, broadcast by Radio Študent, Odprti termin za kulturo
The radio play ljubi me brzo

Fragment III, 3.1.2021, Španski borci
Starting point:excerpt from  ljubi me brzo  – many times.The text may have an author, but with every performance, every utterance, every sounding, it produces both a new author and a new work.A work that is yours, that is, that is not yours, never this work.

In the literary text ljubi me brzo, which is a single sentence, about twenty pages
long, Nina Dragičević immerses herself in the effects of acceleration on the
thought of a modern lover, her desire and running away, and the radio play
amplifies the flow of thought, it does not transmit anything to the listener
through the radio, but the apparatus itself represents the skeleton in which the
thought takes place and sounds.

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