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Mary Anne Blanche: ASPECTS

Author: Mary Anne Blanche
Dramaturgy consultation: Varja Hrvatin

Through the creative process of installation, the artist composes fragments and aspects of her relationship to memory.

Every memory that the author materializes and embodies through a work of art loses its weight and thus creates a space for relieving the past.

The Aspects project is a two-part installation that offers an insight into the author's creation and growing up from two different perspectives. In her audio-visual work, the author interweaves both gallery and individual experience, which takes the viewer from an objective point of view to an intimate one. The objective view is made of all the symbolic objects that defined the author's growing up. Through active creation, she introduces these symbolic objects into the poetic experience of her growing up, thus placing them in an abstract context, relieved of her memories, which leaves the viewer with his own interpretation. The Aspects project is an installation that uses remembrance to explore different attitudes towards the past, the symbolic value of objects, and their creative potential. The Aspects are subjective memories that implement themselves into the collective memory and remain in us as a memory.

My name is Mary Anne Blanche, I am 19 years old, and I go to a high school for design and photography. Art has been close to me my whole life. It is the easiest way to express myself and my thoughts, especially those that I don’t know how to express with words or I don’t want to. In principle, I don’t like to explain the meaning of my works, because I think that a work of art has its own meaning for each individual and I prefer to see people finding a part of themselves in my works, even if in a completely different way than me.

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