Zavod Sploh


A cycle of contemporary composed music

Zvokotok focuses on contemporary composed music. It is defined by the research of compositional procedures and often linked to music technology. It encourages and merges unique sound languages and performative innovativeness and moves contemporary compositions into new spatial and concert forms.
Zvokotok connects established institutional spaces of artistic activity with premises of the dynamic action of NGOs. It implements and maintains unburdened space of dialogue and overcome the artificial distinction between areas and venues of artistic activity.

In 2019 Primož Trdan focuses on the young generation of Slovene interpreters of contemporary music and their integration into foreign ensembles. The program is trying to enrich the established contemporary improvisation procedures by adding certain sound solutions created by young European composers, who originate in the modernistic heritage of the composer's use of varied sound means, noises, environmental and concrete sounds, but create in tight dialogue with the contemporary digital age.

The series that was planned for 2020 by Mauricio Valdés San Emeterio will be dedicated to the ambience sound interpretations of electro-acoustic music from the past and the present.

In 2021 Luka Zagoričnik will create a series dedicated to the heritage of so-called experimental music, which will - within the heritage of contemporary classical music and broader - research the concepts of indeterminacy, minimalism, jazz avant-gardes, improvisational and aleatoric compositions, new notations (prose and graphic notations,...), performances, happenings, political activism and new social relations outside as well as within the musical discourse.


Zvokotok: Amacher, Ferreira, Schimana / City of Women

Zvokotok: 12. 10. 20.00–23.00 Cankarjev dom, Štihova dvorana
Maryanne Amacher, Beatriz Ferreyra, Elisabeth Schimana

Interpretations of electroacoustic music from the past and the present

Maryanne Amacher: Remainder [excerpt] (14′55′′)
Maryanne Amacher’s work anticipated many concerns and interests of the 21st century sound art. Her electroacoustic composition Remainder (1976) was commissioned for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company piece Torse and later for the Charles Atlas film of the same name. We will listen to an excerpt from the composition.

Beatriz Ferreyra: Un fil invisible (18′00′′)
The composition Un fil invisible (2009) by the Argentinian composer of electroacoustic music Beatriz Ferreyra is dedicated to the French composer Christine Groult. This piece was inspired by various stages of medieval alchemy. The alchemical process is one of transformation, whose actual subject is the alchemist himself. Here, the process is inextricably tangled with the transformation of sounds and the very structure of the piece. 

Elisabeth Schimana: Into the Sun, multi-channel piece (approx. 30′00′′)
Since 1960, we have known that the sun is oscillating. Helioseismology is the study of oscillation waves through the sun and allows astrophysicists to develop extremely detailed profiles of the interior conditions of the sun. The inspiration for the artistic work is the idea that the sun is a huge resonating body for sound waves traveling to the interior of the sun and being reflected, as well as the awareness of taking a look into the past by observing the processes on and in the sun – a paradox working with the medium of sound, which can only be experienced in the present. A new work commissioned by Zavod Sploh (Mauricio Valdes San Emeterio).

Before the concert, at 18.30, Lona Gaikis is going to present the book Hidden Alliances – versteckt verbunden in Lili Novy Glass Hall.

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