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A cycle of contemporary composed music

Zvokotok focuses on contemporary composed music. It is defined by the research of compositional procedures and often linked to music technology. It encourages and merges unique sound languages and performative innovativeness and moves contemporary compositions into new spatial and concert forms.
Zvokotok connects established institutional spaces of artistic activity with premises of the dynamic action of NGOs. It implements and maintains unburdened space of dialogue and overcome the artificial distinction between areas and venues of artistic activity.

The program in 2022 was conceived by Steven Loy.

The series entitled Chiaroscuro presents five concerts on the theme of light, both literally and metaphorically: light as a medium and mediator of story and emotion, light as knowledge, light as intuition, light as a literal and spiritual guide, light as optimism ...

The performers are members of the ensemble Neofonía (composed of local musicians with a passion for new music) and guest artist Małgorzata Walentynowicz, a pianist specializing in new music who lives / works in Gdańsk and Cologne.

The program was conceived by:
2019 - Primož Trdan
2020 - Mauricio Valdés San Emeterio
2021 - Luka T. Zagoričnik
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Zvokotok v CD: Ekologija svetlobe_Neofonía

Zvokotok v CD: Ekologija svetlobe
23.maj ob 20:00, Cankarjev dom


Barbara Spital, flavta

Izak Hudnik, violončelo

Jan Gričar, saksofone
Miha Haas, klavir

Klemen Leben, akordeon

Peter Jeretina, tolkala

Mauricio Valdes, režiser zvoka

Steven Loy, dirgent in umetniški vodja

 Mario Lavista, Jutranjica, za solo ozvočeno flavto (Canto del alba, 1979)

Kaija Saariaho, Cvetni listi, za violončelo in elektroniko (Petals, 1988)

Carlos de Castellarnau, Krhke celice, za saksofon, klavir, akordeon, tolkala in elektroniko (Fragile Cells, 2016)

Melani Popit, Naknadno 2, za violončelo, saksofon in tolkala, prva izvedba (2022)

Toshio Hosokawa, V globino časa, za akordeon in violončelo (In die Tiefe der Zeit, 1994)

Paul Clift, Astatine, za saksofon, violončelo, akordeon in elektroniko (2019)

Program Zvokotoka v letu 2022 kurira Steven Loy.

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