Zavod Sploh


A multimedia project combining a collection of audiovisual recordings, an experimental instrument, a mobile concert system and a live concert

Septet remains an independent, indigenous and progressive unit

Mono operetta by Tilen Lebar (2022)

Gymnastic of non/sense
Work of composer Matej Bonin (2021, 2023)

Grom solo
Is it more risky to be unpredictable or predictable?

Kaučič Grom
Floor percussion, zither, double bass and electronics

Voice, Hury-Gurdy, double bass and electronics

Samo Grom
Instant composition for prepared hurdi gurdi, double bass and electronics

Tomažin, Grom
The voice of Irena Z. Tomažin and the double bass of Tomaž Grom sounding in the original compositions through improvisation

Šalter Ensemble
International, generational and musical diversity combined with collective attention

Various sound spectrum of collective free music playing

Sonce in sončice po vsem svetu
Multilingual concert for all generations

Forgotten, Overlooked
Empowerment of the marginals or reflection on the ignored music, missed authors, overlooked performers and the forgotten audience

In the space between acoustic and electronic

Čučnik, Pepelnik, Grom
Performing sounds from different objects as a single sound body

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