Zavod Sploh


Primož Čučnik – amplified objects, turntable, feedback, texts
Ana Pepelnik – speech
Tomaž Grom – amplified objects, electronics, double bass

Impro by Primoz Čučnik, Ana Pepelnik and Tomaž Grom is an interactive improvisation of spoken word (a text collage) and sound picture. Grom and Čučnik create sound with the aid of instruments, loudspeakers, percussions, toys, and other »primitive« sound sources (white noise), as well as with the active use of gramophone, computer and the sound characteristis of the space. Impro is an attempt to combine different audio modes: »words, sounds, noise, rustle, silence«, which are understood, in the light of twentieth-century free and innovative developments in music, as equally constitutive parts of the whole.

»Sound in becoming: not in relation to silence, but in relation to itself, the sounds from various sources, which are in fact one sound - elementary, monosyllabic, Sound emerging out of the one Mouth of silence. [...] Abstraction, full of playfulness, slowly and unmistakably drifting into memory.« (Lukan 2006)

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