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Grom solo

Tomaž Grom – double bass, electronics

"During a performance lasting 45 minutes, Grom's double bass added more and more sound elements, which he manipulated with authority and fused them into sound formations with scores that not only suited the concept of prepared and extended double bass, but supported it even more admirably. The double bass is an infinite playground for Grom, where he finds new sounds again and again; a piezoelectric transducer placed on the body of the double bass, allows him to amplify even the quietest.

Thus, in the first few compositions, we witnessed an electronically unmodified double bass, while the classic plucking of strings and bow work was accompanied by an extensive galaxy of intriguing techniques, from rhythmic banging on the body of the double bass with his hands and bow, plucking strings under the bridge and expressive scraping with the bow to rubbing strings whose sounds alluded to domestic work. [...] Grom's intriguing and intelligent modulations, achieved by mixing sound sources with authoritative knowledge and control of the double bass itself, made sure that 45 minutes passed too quickly." (Seliškar 2017)

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Tomaž Grom solo koncert, YANVII Factory, Cesena

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