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Kaučič Grom

Zlatko Kaučič - drums, percussion
Tomaž Grom - doublebass, electronics, video

In the early seventies, Zlatko Kaučič fled across the border, recorded and performed in Italy, collaborated with the musical co-operative Swiss in Switzerland, than he moved to Barcelona in 1976, started playing in clubs and festivals as a soloist and in collaboration with various musicians, including Steve Lacy. In 1981-1983, Zlatko taught drums at the Taller de musicos jazz school in Barcelona. Since 1984, when he moved to Amsterdam, he joined the extremely powerful scene of improvised music and became a composer in the field of performing arts and dance. After the independence, he settled back in Slovenia and stepped wide into an extremely fertile creative period.

Tomaž Grom understands music as a medium of communication rather than aesthetic pleasure. He wants to find reasons for making music. Uncompromisingly he prods at social norms. Music for him is a form of seeking, unanswered questions, flow of ideas, unpredictable situations. Composition is improvisation. Improvisations offers him space to lose himself, to make mistakes, to come up with intriguing solutions.
This meeting [of the two musicians] took place in Kaučič’s home kitchen, in which the musicians repeatedly recorded the songs, invented during improvisation. In the series of pieces from the record, their character and the identity of the songs are truly heard. In the sequence of songs, the musicians transition masterfully between eavesdropping on silent sounds and wildly scratched beats, between flamboyant minimalism, groove and good old, but oh-so beautifully performed free improvisation.
Primož Trdan, portal Centralala

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Album Torn Memories Of Folklore - September 2021
Album The Ear Is The Shadow Of The Eye - December 2019
Club Gromka, Friforma, 5.9.2019

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