Zavod Sploh



Andrej Fon – tenor sax, clarinet
Jure Boršič – alto sax, clarinet
Marko Jenič – violin
Andrej Boštjančič Ruda – electric guitar
Jošt Drašler – double bass
Tomaž Grom – double bass, electronics
Vid Drašler – drums


In the accompanying words to the album Mnogobolje, Mario Batelić wrote: “The line-up is also somewhat irregular, featuring two double-bassists, a drummer and a guitarist whose role far exceeds what you might expect from a conventional rhythm section – that is, rather than laying the foundations for the rest of the band, they are equal partners in the creation of this multi-layered and highly rhythmically and melodically diverse music. The band clearly draw inspiration from free jazz, but you’ll also hear echoes or dustings of African music and the exploratory approaches of improvised and new music.”


Zveze: Kaučič/Grom in Oholo!

9.10. ob 21h - Soteska open (oder pred gledališčem Glej)

Štream, Kino Šiška_photo: Urška Boljkovac
Štream, Kino Šiška_photo: Urška Boljkovac
"The core of the band Oholo! it is certainly in the pure love of the music. In doing so, one cannot overhear the boys going in breadth and depth in their doing, and without reserve to the end, and in a big arc they also avoid recycling impro history. At best, they only recycle themselves, but they remain an independent, indigenous and progressive unit."
Gregor Bauman, Odzven


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