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Sonce in sončice po vsem svetu

author of poetry – Tone Pavček 
auhtor of music – Tomaž Grom

The "Sonce in sončice po vsem svetu" concert is a performance of the eponymous CD, which was released by Zavod Sploh in cooperation with Mladinska knjiga in late 2007 with 45,000 copies. The concert included six musical arrangements to the works of Tone Pavček in Slovenian and seven corresponding translations into foreign languages (Japanese, Romanian, Albanian, Macedonian, Danish, Russian, Arabic), performed by Slovene and foreign-language performers accompanied by percussion, brass, double bass and other sounds.

The underlying theme or main thread of the Sonce in sončice collection of children's poems are family members and significant others who are closest to every little person (my little sunshine ali our little sunshines):

So we, the dear grandchildren
in one voice decided
that, for us, our grandfather is
the best Grandfather Frost. 

In addition to the well-known theme of children's relatives, the collection is distinguished by a rich imagination and linguistic perfection. As a result, Tomaž Grom decided to coat the sonority and vibrancy of Pavček's verses with music. Nevertheless, the originality of the concert is certainly helped by the resulting translations into foreign languages.

musicians: Jošt Drašler (double bass), Vid Drašler (drums and percussion), Andrej Fon (brass), Samo Kutn (hurdy gurdy), Tomaž Grom (banjo and other instruments)
vocal: Katinka Dimkaroska, Aria Bragalini, Nagisa Moritoki, Jette Vejrup Ostan, Aleksander Guščin, Mohamed Abdul Monem, Gregor Gruden

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