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Tilen Lebar: Vicinity Of Solitude

Mono operetta
Composition: Tilen Lebar

Belemir Baran – violin
Sean Bell – countertenor
Diogo Marques – percussion
Urška Rihtaršič – harp
Mauricio Valdes San Emeterio – live processing, electronics & immersive sound
Tomas Valečka - sound design
Tilen Lebar – saxophone & composition
Ronelda S. Kamfer - poetry

Performance in Koper: In the frame of the IZIS festival (12.10.2022)
Performance in Den Haag: at Studio Loos (19.10.2022)
In collaboration with South African poet Ronelda S. Kamfer, we present the 'Vicinity of Solitude.' Inspirational thought comes from Rashomon's Effect, where multidimensionality and particularity of of the subject's memory response depend on the portrayal of the so-called 'truth.'
The portrayal represents differences in experiences through occurring events with multiple representations of the protagonists.
Ronelda's narrative becomes somehow disrupted and developed within segments. Musical movements titled 'A Holy Water, A Holy War & A Holy Ghost' refer to us as the essence of the libretto. That concentrates us on the insecurity of the memory response as such. Because we are thrived on forgetting certain events within a short period of time remembering as an act - defines the narration of the events.
Each time we recall something, the memory becomes different, distorted and altered from its initial state. You see, every poem that comes along connects the narrative of the questions that the poet had. If a certain event - as remembered depends on the outcome of the other (for instance, the memory of the cousin of the character could be approved as ignorance towards the memory of the Other) the memory becomes obstructed and defined as the only action that keeps the 'dead ones' alive. In that way, Memory prolonged our lives or gave us a certain power of a voice, even though it is a deformed one.
The ensemble represents the painting through a sonic part. It secures the position by its omnipresence with the distortion or consolidation itself. It's not something that would help us to remember - for instance as a sound of a fixed idea, it rather enables the erosion of thoughts and the process of a fading nostalgia.
The electroacoustics with fragile environments, sound objects, acoustic instruments and voice could be compared to the painting technique of water colours that could be immersively damaged with a single gesture. The gesture of a viable water-soluble binder as it melts and fades away.
Reality as such, present the concept of multidimensionality of the narrative within the story, segmental development, prevention of remembering it and intentional diversity within the perception of the 'Real.' Vicinity of Solitude expands the parameters of the memories into perceiving the multi-layered objectivity in its defined as a universal thought.

Production by Zavod Sploh (Špela Trošt)
In collaboration with Studio LOOS & Festival IZIS

Supported by Republic of Slovenia - Ministry of Culture
Special thanks to the Embassy of Slovenia, The Hague


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