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Tomažin / Grom

Irena Z. Tomažin – voice

Tomaž Grom – double bass, electronics

Irena Z. Tomažin and Tomaž Grom combine their own unique musical approaches, interweaving and limiting them with the most varied of compositional procedures. Their music pierces the boundary between improvisation and pre-defined structure, and is heard as unique compositions.
The voice of Irene Z. Tomažin has body, rises, knits and falls through physical sensations, movements, emotions, moods, and is heard through the movement of her body and in the space.
Tomaž Grom understands music as a form of seeking, unanswered questions, flow of ideas, unpredictable situations. Composition is improvisation. In music, challenges invite thinking and open up new possibilities.
The organic foundation of these author-performers is further enhanced by microphonization and nuanced electronic sound manipulation. In doing so, they musically and sonorically encourage, complement, enhance, seek and create. Their witty play of combinations and selections exorcise the listeners from the domesticated style of listening.
Audio 2019
AaaAaa - 1:12 - recorded in a studio Španski borci, Ljubljana
IiiiIiiiiII - 2:58 - recorded in a studio Španski borci, Ljubljana
SsssSss - 7:04 - recorded live in a club Gromka, Ljubljana

Music composed and performed by Irena Z. Tomažin and Tomaž Grom, unreleased.


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