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Sound (Dis)obedience

Sound (Dis)obedience 2024
27.-30. 3. 2024, Španski borci

Wednesday 27. 3. 2024
Heredrum (2014)
Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec
Unanouncedsound intervention in public space
10 or more participants with snare drums
Duration: 30 minutes or more
Video documentation of the intervention will be displayed in Španski Borci during the Sound (Dis)obedience Festival 2024.

Thursday 28. 3. 2024
DARA Strings (Biliana Voutchkova, Isidora Edwards, Elisabeth Coudoux, Joanna Mattrey)
Luka Zabric, Margaux Oswald, Aurelijus Užameckis
LandStages/Sonic Relocations (Sabine Vogel, Emilio Gordoa)
Friday 29. 3. 2024
Taiko Saito, Jan Roder, Michael Griener
Chris Pitsiokos
Joke Lanz**, Sophie Agnel

Saturday 30. 3. 2024
concert with workshop participants 
Lê Quan Ninh
matter 100 (Kaja Draksler, Lena Hessels, Andy Moor, Marta Warelis, Samo Kutin, Macio Moretti)

Music workshop guided by Chris Pitsiokos:
28. 3.-30. 3. from 2PM – 5PM + concert of the participants on 30. 3. at 8PM
Apply to
(Ne)poslušno že od leta 2012 nastaja v produkciji Zavoda Sploh v sodelovanju z zavodom En-Knap in Španskimi borci.
Sofinancirata ga Ministrstvo za kulturo Republike Slovenije in Mestna občina Ljubljana.
Heredrum is a part of artistic research project Rhythms of Presence.
Co-produced by: Zavod SPLOH, Ljubljana, Zavod Projekt Atol, Ljubljana, Artistic research project Rhythms of Presence was carried out under the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme at Bergen Academy of Art and Design – KHiB (2013-2016)

Support: The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia
Sound (Dis)obedience is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and Municipality of Ljubljana.

Sound (Dis)obedience is engaged in staging, development, reflection and dissemination of research practices in music and sound. An assembly of diverse events, meetings, presentations of publishing activities, the implementation of international networks and discussions behind the bar multifacetedly address this diverse creative field. Sound (Dis)obedience brings together guest musicians, interested local artists, audiences and the professional public. As such, it is not only a festival of certain music, but also and above all an realization of openness, cooperation and flexibility.

Sound (Dis)obedience is a space for exchange, where by way of concerts, workshops, lectures, and other forms, different border-line musical practices can interact with each other.

Curator: Tomaž Grom

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