Zavod Sploh

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Španski borci_mala dvorana_foto: Sploh
Španski borci_mala dvorana_foto: Sploh
Maja Matić in Peter Šüklar_foto: Sploh
Maja Matić in Peter Šüklar_foto: Sploh

The free improvisation workshop is intended for all musicians interested in experimental music. It is partly inspired by the London workshops led for many years by percussionist Eddie Prevost.

It takes place every Tuesday from 12.00 to 14.30 at Španski Borci Cultural Centre, at Zaloška 61 in Ljubljana.
The workshop is led by Tomaž Grom. For any questions, please write to

"Music creation requires that rational discovery and experimentation take place during practical training. It is never enough to just have an idea. Too often we devise concepts that are "suicide" in practice. The best ideas come from practice. Therefore the workshop is based on criteria that are regularly checked during practice. It will be based on various operational suggestions, tips and incentives that ask the musician to use such materials to create music, understood to be an unrestricted resource, for sound production. The starting point guiding the musician is a flowing relationship between the artist and their source of sound, with the capacity to be much more responsive than one can imagine. The musician is invited to test and explore without specific objectives and expectations in finding solutions, answers or getting results. Paradoxically, "aimless" creations can also lead to the most interesting solutions or results. And these solutions become part of self-invention." (Eddie Prevost

Every year, a three-day workshop is held as part of the Sound Disobedience festival.

To date it has been led by:

Michael Zerang – 2019
Wilbert de Joode – 2018
Burkhard Beins, Andrea Neumann – 2017
John Russell – 2016
Seijiro Murayama – 2015
Ute Kanngiesser, Jennifer Allum, Dimitra Lazaridou Chatzigoga – 2014
Pierre Borel, Joel Grip, Antonin Gerbal – 2013
Eddie Prévost – 2012

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