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Neforma is a series of music and dance improvisations that study the process and welcome mistakes, mishaps, stage disasters, as it is aware that these provide the best study examples.

The thematic modules that will appear over the next four year period are:
Live Once Again – Reconstruction
New Encounters
Element of Surprise

20102014 the series was curated by Špela Trošt and Tomaž Grom.
20152018 the series was curated by Katja Legin and Jošt Drašler.
2019 the series was curated by Kaja Lorenci and Jošt Drašler.
2020 the series was curated by Tina Valentan and Jošt Drašler.
2021 the series is curated by Suzana Koncur and Andrej Fon.

Since 2020, Neforma has been part of the portal Neodvisni.

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