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(Ne)forma, a series of performative improvisations, connects two media, ie artists from two artistic genres, musicians who deal with sonority in a special way, and performers whose main tool is their body; nurtures and enables the development of improvisation as a practice and stage event; it study the process and welcomes mistakes, mishaps, stage disasters, as it is aware that these are the best study examples.

In 2024, the cycle will be concivied by Nataša Živković and Samo Kutin.

If we do not want Neform to become a form in itself, we must open the possibility for participating artists to propose and test their conceptual parameters. In addition to dancers and musicians, Neforma also invites writers to think about improvisation. The idea is to introduce people who have a special approach to the stage and art in general. By bringing them to the territory of a live event, we believe that this could open up creative experiences for all participants of Neforma, including the audience itself. Neforma invites artists as guests and in the same time as hosts. They can decide to change the protocols, suggest different ways of collaborating with the audience, and even the location and format of their improvisation

Programme curators
2023 Nina Fajdiga in Andrej Fon
2022 Loup Abramovici in Vid Drašler
2021 Suzana Koncut in Andrej Fon
2020 Tina Valentan in Jošt Drašler
2019 Kaja Lorenci in Jošt Drašler
2015 do 2018 Katja Legin in Jošt Drašler
2010 do 2014 Špela Trošt in Tomaž Grom


Neforma #71: Kaja Janjić, Veronika Valdez, Vid Drašler, Marko Lasič

Neforma #71, 26.5. ob 20h v Španskih borcih

Ples: Kaja Janjić, Veronika Valdez
Glasba: Vid Drašler, Marko Lasič

V zadnji ediciji te sezone Neforma sopostavlja dva dueta, preizkuša izmenjavo znotraj glasbeno plesnega kvarteta. Plesalki Veronika Valdes in Kaja Janjić ter bobnarja in tolkalista Vid Drašler in Marko Lasić bodo svoje prvo kreativno spoznavanje odkrivali in razkrivali skupaj z nami, pred nami. Z improvizatorji bomo priče naelektreni potencialnosti, umeščeni »in medias res«, kjer je/bo tisto, kar se uresniči, enako dragoceno kot tisto, kar se ne (bo).

Kuratorka plesnega programa: Kaja Lorenci
Kurator glasbenega programa: Jošt Drašler


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