Zavod Sploh


Shift moves within the health, social, law and education institutions.
Shift does not invent. Shift is evidence of evident.
Shift performs with those and for those who work and live in these institutions.
Shift is a performative format that in the period 2018–2022 will focus on systemic gaps of four topics: health, knowledge, work, justice.

Since 2020, Šift has been part of the portal Neodvisni.

Shift 2018 – health
Shift 2019 – knowledge
Shift 2020 – work
Shift 2021 – justice


Šift#15: Worksite of pleasure

Docu-art project
Rok Kravanja at worksites of prostitution

In the period February – June 2020, performer Rok Kravanja took on the role of a consumer of sexual services in the market of homosexual prostitution and documented Slovenian worksites of prostitution with his mobile phone. Project includes 13 photographs, sexual offers and correspondence with providers.

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