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Shift moves within the health, social, law and education institutions.
Shift does not invent. Shift is evidence of evident.
Shift performs with those and for those who work and live in these institutions.
Shift is a performative format that in the period 2018–2022 will focus on systemic gaps of four topics: health, knowledge, work, justice.

Since 2020, Šift has been part of the portal Neodvisni.

Shift 2018 – health
Shift 2019 – knowledge
Shift 2020 – work
Shift 2021 – justice

16.4. - 18.4.2200


Conceived by Olja Grubić 

FOTOPUB, Ljubljana (
16 APR 2021 20.00–21.00
17 APR 2021 16.00–17.00
18 APR 2021 16.00–17.00


We live from the first inhale to the last exhale. We breathe to live, we live as we breathe. By breathing, we supply oxygen to the brain. Breathing produces thoughts. Breathing is a struggle for life. We fight for our existence, for our meaning, for our thought. With a minimalist act of the installation, we observe the basic human right to exist, through visual poetics we show the struggle for this basic right. Let us breathe. Let them breathe.

Breathers: Olja Grubić, Anita Wach, Kristina Aleksova, Sara Horžen, Zala Mojca Jerman Kuželički, Nina Goropečnik, Jernej Škof, Mitja Lovše, Lina Akif, Loup Abramovici, Rea Vogrinčič, Timotej Novaković, Aleksandra Kmetič, Tim Lončar, Ines Šimunić, Tina Habun, Ena Kurtalić, Delajda Didi Solin



In 2021 the Shift will focus on systemic gaps in the field of human rights and freedoms written in the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia: “In Slovenia everyone shall be guaranteed equal human rights and fundamental freedoms irrespective of national origin, race, sex, language, religion, political, or other conviction, material standing, birth, education, social status, disability, or any other personal circumstance. All are equal before the law.” (Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia, Article 14).

Shift is a performative format that detects systemic gaps in the field of health, knowledge, work and law in the period 2018-2021. Shift does not invent. Shift is evidence of evident. Shift performs with those for whom it performs. Shift is interested in the potential of everyday life.

Production: Via Negativa
Co-production: Zavod Sploh
Financial support: Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia and City of Ljubljana

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