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Shift moves within the health, social, law and education institutions.
Shift does not invent. Shift is evidence of evident.
Shift performs with those and for those who work and live in these institutions.
Shift is a performative format that in the period 2018–2022 will focus on systemic gaps of four topics: health, knowledge, work, justice.

Since 2020, Šift has been part of the portal Neodvisni.

Shift 2018 – health
Shift 2019 – knowledge
Shift 2020 – work
Shift 2021 – justice


Shift#17: Justice Is Comming

25 JUNE 2021 / 18:00
Conceived by Kristina Aleksova & Anita Wach
Nation: Olja Grubić, Anita Wach, Kristina Aleksova, Sara Horžen, Nina Goropečnik, Jernej Škof, Mitja Lovše, Loup Abramovici, Rea Vogrinčič, Tim Lončar, Delajda Didi Solin, Teja Bitenc, Jeff Stein, Ana Špik, Vesna Hauschild, Nataša Keser, Anja Mejač
Menu and props: Olja Grubić

Justice is something we demand. In a world where in the name of safety some people gain more rights than others and recently applied laws appear to be illegal, justice is definitely something to ask for. Where the hell is Iustitia? Who put ribbon on her eyes? Why is she always too late?Having this question in mind we invite everyone to join the big feast. After a long time of lockdown, half awake, half in deep sleep we step outside in the open air. We brought a lot of food and the best wine. We celebrate a big dream about a perfect world where life is fair and simple and Justice is always on the right side. Our side. We wait for her, praise her and lay our trust on her. We expect her to implement fair share. We’ve just forgotten one thing: she carries a sword and does not see a damn thing. On the Statehood Day of this beautiful country, dear Lady Justice, you’re very welcome!

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