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Carte Blanche

Concert performance with unemployed, precarious, burned out and workaholics

Loup Abramovici, Mary Anne Blanche, Tomaž Grom, Eduardo Raon, Anja Novak, All Strings Detached (Jana Beltran, Vesna Godler), Ana Kravanja, Samo Kutin, Marjan Stanić, Špela Trošt, Simon Klavžar, Bojan Jablanovec, Maja Megla, Kristina Svetec, Hotimir Knific, Gal Škrjanec, Aleš Lazar, Marko Milić, Jelena Vuksanović, Klavdija Jeršinovec, Andrej Mahne, Makis Ananiadis …

Photos: Marcandrea

Launch of a new season of the Shift project, which will focus on our relationship to work, our pleasures, anxieties and obsessions related to work; on the captives of their own work and economic slaves.

“Freedom of work shall be guaranteed. Everyone shall choose his employment freely.” (Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia).

Do we have freedom in modern society to act as we wish when it comes to the question of what and how we will work, why we will work and who we will work for?

Premiere: 27.1.2020 Španski borci
Producers: Zavod Sploh and Via Negativa

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