Zavod Sploh

Invitation for collaboration


Dear ___________,

I have an idea for a composition made up of numerous recordings by various artists, for which I need your work.

You will be listed as the author of your audio materials. The fee is EUR 20.00. You will receive the contract and payment after the job is done.

I need an audio recording of your fart or, better yet, several farts. Yes, an actual fart! It would be great if you could record them yourself – you can use your phone – and e-mail me the audio.

If they are recorded in silence, they will be easier to edit; the better the recording, the more pronounced the harmonic resonance and the more intense the vibration of the speaker diaphragm at low frequencies ...

I will be happy to receive any contribution/fart for the final composition. Please submit your materials as soon as possible. I will understand if you have some misgivings about this, but let the diversity of the materials and their intoxicating aromas be an inspiration to you ...

No, this is not a joke, it’s a very serious matter!
I also ask that you to take this request as personally as possible.
I will keep you up to date with the latest composition developments ...
I look forward to hearing your materials.

Thank you and best regards, Tomaž

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