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The four-year Ventilator author cycle will have four stages of development. Each year, we will give the opportunity for a selected author, duo or group to develop their creative potential to crossover and connect the musical and performing arts. Ventilator introduces new creative approaches to the expression of music-dance-performance. It will highlight innovations in understanding artistic action, the different relationships between structured form and improvisation, the thoughtful relationships with the space and audience, new methods of performance production.

The title suggests ventilation, airing, fluid content, theme, combinations, forms, techniques, mode of presence, modules, authors, performers, gestures and sonority. This enables exceptional creativity, originality, responsiveness and openness in creation. It will scaffold untested combinations of authors, performers, artistic styles and techniques.

Ventilator 2021


Ventilator: Ostanite mirni (Kristina Aleksova, Anita Wach, Ena Kurtalić), Španski borci

Ventilator: Keep calm/Ostanite mirni
24.12. ob 19h, Španski borci

28. stavek: “What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams.”
Werner Herzog

Kristina Aleksova, Anita Watch in Ena Kurtalić

Božični večer 2023, leto sreče, srečnih razhodov in krvavih preobratov. 
Vabljeni vsi, ki nimate kam. Vabljeni vsi, ki nočete nikamor. 
Vabljeni vsi, ki bi se radi izognili bremenu, ki ga nosi ta večer. 
Pridružite se nam na dogodku, po katerem vam obljubljamo globok in blagodejen spanec.

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