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Meeting 3: Trip-tih

Trojka (Jurij - Samo - Katja) sets the third stage as a series in three "episodes" over three days in three different venues. Samo lives in Lesni Brdo, Katja in Krušče, and Španski borci are almost like a home stage. There has always been quite some time between editions so far, this time three improvised performances take place in a condensed manner, one after the other, in three days. Ventilator in new spatio-temporal coordinates.

22.09.2020, Pri Samu, Lesno Brdo
23.09.2020, Pri Katji, Krušče
24.09.2020, Španski borci, Ljubljana

Meeting 2: Katja Legin, Jurij Konjar, Samo Kutin

In addition to the new combination – Katja, Jurij and multi-instrumentalist Samo Kutin – the second edition was also marked by a new experience of “theater” after three months of self-isolation. They spent one work week together and built toward the show.

05.06.2020, Španski borci, Ljubljana

Meeting 1: Katja Legin, Jurij Konjar, Zlatko Kaučič

1. MEETING: a situation where two or more people meet, randomly or by agreement. Meeting of Zlatko, Jurij and Katja. Meeting of Katja, Zlatko and Jurij at every public event. Meeting of Katja, Jurij and Zlatko with the audience at each of these events. Meeting as potential for change. Meeting as a space of confrontation and negotiation between me and you, between me and us. Meeting someone other as (my) mirror.
2. CONVERSATION: conversation as a way of exchange. Exchange between Zlatko, Jurij and Katja. An exchange between Jurij, Katja, Zlatko and the audience present at each event. Conversation as listening. Conversation as saying oneself in front of another. Conversation as silence between question and answer, between what is said / realized and the response to it.
3. IMPROVISATION AND COMPOSITION at the same time. Improvisation is composing, composing is improvisation. Is this true? But? What is the relationship? When do I do what? What do we do together?
4. EVENT: anything that happens, especially important or unusual. An event in the context of performing arts. Meeting as an event. Conversation / exchange as an event. An event like the moment we all know it’s happening now. When it happens, we don’t care if it was a composed or improvised moment. An event as a moment that gives meaning to the presence (Jurij, Zlatko, Katja and the audience).

16.01.2020, Španski borci, Ljubljana


La Isla Bonita@New Year

31st of December.2022 at 10pm, Big hall, Španski borci
In collaboration with Zavod EN-KNAP and Španski borci
Concept and script: Varja Hrvatin
Authors: Varja Hrvatin, Lina Akif, Leon Marič, Anja Romih, Vid Merlak, Simeon Perich
Performers: Leon Marič, Živa Selan, Lina Akif, Julija Pečnikar
Video: Anja Romih
Music: Vid Merlak (DVMIR) in Simeon Perich (SHAO)
Production: Zavod Sploh and Via Negativa
Mandatory reservations for attending the event:
Admission free!
LA ISLA BONITA@NEW YEAR is the resulting hybrid event combining performance and contemporary club music from the cycle Ventilator. It is composed of LA ISLA BONITA performance and clubbing event AFTER LA ISLA BONITA. New Year, as an evening and as an event, represents the ultimate culmination of »hype«. It establishes the concept of a turning point of great alternations and determinating effects. La isla bonita is a construct of a game that never ends. It is a game, trapped in the constant production of content. It dribbles the questions of expectations, resolutions, superstitions, ritual, sacrifice and (dis)utopia.
La Isla Bonita is a cycle of hybrid events combining performance art and contemporary club music. It’s a series of five site-specific experiments which deal with the »hype*« phenomenon and the various strategies it exploits. In terms of content and the narrative, La Isla Bonita is questioning the constant challenges and pressures of (re)creating content and its potential for the production of »hype«. In what ways is ” hype ” generated, and is there any hidden content behind it? Through various strategies of confronting contemporary club music with public non-performative spaces, La Isla Bonita explores the role and the power of »hype« in experiencing and valuing content – both on social media as well as in the context of art.
*Hype refers to artificially created expectations around a person or a product whose promotional campaign and image have been built from overestimating their traits and characteristics.


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