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La Isla Bonita

inframe of cycles Ventilator 2022

Concept and script: Varja Hrvatin
Authors: Varja Hrvatin, Lina Akif, Leon Marič, Anja Romih, Vid Merlak, Simeon Perich

Performers: Lina Akif in Leon Marič
Video: Anja Romih
Music: Vid Merlak (DVMIR) in Simeon Perich (SHAO)

La isla bonita is a cycle of hybrid events combining performance art and contemporary club music. It's a series of five site-specific experiments which deal with the »hype*« phenomenon and the various strategious it exploits. In terms of content and the narrative, La isla bonita is questioning the constant challenges and pressures of (re)creating content and its potential for the production of »hype«. What are the ways in which »hype« is generated and is there any content hidden behind it? Through various strategies of confronting contemporary club music with public non-performative spaces, La isla bonita explores the role and the power of »hype« in experiencing and valuing content – both on social media as well as in the context of art.
*Hype refers to artificially created expectations around a person or a product whose promotional campaing and image have been built from overestimating their traits and characteristics.

Production: Zavod Sploh and Via Negativa

29.01.2023 at 7 pm
Starting point: Španski borci
Performers: Leon Marič, Živa Selan, Lina Akif, Julija Pečnikar
We invite you to the after-new-year race on the island of La Isla Bonita. An exploration of hidden corners, deserted beaches and hype bays. We begin our race at 7 pm and venture on binging the new season of Bonita reality. Bring warm clothes, your smartphones and a cheerful spirit. Welcome to race away with us!
31.12. at 10 pm, main hall, Španski borci
In cooperation with EN-KNAP and Španski borciLA ISLA BONITA@NEW YEAR is the resulting hybrid event combining performance and contemporary club music from the cycle Ventilator. It is composed of LA ISLA BONITA performance and clubbing event AFTER LA ISLA BONITA. New Year, as an evening and as an event, represents the ultimate culmination of »hype«. It establishes the concept of a turning point of great alternations and determinating effects. La isla bonita is a construct of a game that never ends. It is a game, trapped in the constant production of content. It dribbles the questions of expectations, resolutions, superstitions, ritual, sacrifice and (dis)utopia.
22.11. at 6 pm
Starting point: bus station Bavarski dvor (Kora bar)
In collaboration with LPP.
We invite you for an autumn escape from the city center; a collective journey through Ljubljana’s public transportation. The boarding on the bus begins at 6pm, when we embark on the exploration of the peripheral areas of Ljubljana. Bring your Urbana cards, monthly bus passes and a cheerful spirit! Welcome to travel away with us!
LA ISLA BONITA@EMONA9.10. ob 18.00
⛵️⛵️⛵️ Vabljeni na zaključek poletja; večerno plovbo skozi pravljično osrčje mestnega jedra. Plovbo do isle bonite pričenjamo ob 18h ter se podajamo na skrivnostno odkrivanje globočin reke Ljubljanice. Prinesite pametne telefone, senčnike in veliko dobre volje. Dobrodošli, da plujete z nami! ⛵️⛵️⛵️
27.6. at at Cielito Lindo
In collaboration with CIELITO LINDO.
🏝🏝🏝 We invite you into the beginning of vacation; an evening of summer fun, great music, delicious drinks and seaside delights. We begin the event at 8pm, but we sail to isla bonita until sunrise. Bring cash, flip-flops and a cheerful spirit. Welcome anytime! 🏝🏝🏝


Ventilator #1: Sorry - Anita Wach, Grega Zorc, Andrej Fon

Two performers hang, bite, hook, hug, grab, and suck each other. Parasitize and apologize. They form inseparable coexistence in which each move becomes an element of infinite chain of intentions and reactions.

Sorry is structured research on relationship between body and meaning in the form of open space and timing.

The performance is inspired by book ‘Parasite’ by French philosopher Michel Serres and his thesis that the only possible relation is that of parasitic nature. Parasite. The one who eats from the table of the other, who exploits, uses, abuses, occupies, devastates. Who hooks up, breaks in, hangs on, bite into. The one, who is giving nothing in return, has nothing to offer, doesn’t create anything, doesn’t share anything, doesn’t support anybody, and never sacrifices for anyone.

We live in times of brutal celebration of power, time of loans, debts, frauds, subordination, manipulation and mutual dependency. It’s hard to detect parasite, we point the finger at each other, we accuse intruders, defend our integrity, we constantly bite and apologize each other … What if there is no other real relation except one-way relation, what if parasitism is the very basis and even a condition for any relation to take place?

For Serres, parasitism is the central ‘fact’ of existence for any living being. Parasitic relation is a form of inseparable and undemocratic coexistence, mutual entanglement creates closed loop, each move becomes an element of infinite chain of intentions and reactions. Parasitism is a surviving strategy. Parasite refuse violence, it lives in harmony as long as the host stays alive and can be consumed. Parasitic freedom is immovability, hibernation, total subordination. Parasite is free as long its host (partner, family, city, country, continent, earth …) can move and breath.

Performed by: Anita Wach, Grega Zorc, Andrej Fon
Conceived and devised by Anita Wach and Grega Zorc
Performing concept and artistic direction: Bojan Jablanovec
Sound: Andrej Fon
Production: Via Negativa and Zavod Sploh
Co-production: Body/Mind Festival, Warsaw

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