Zavod Sploh


Irena Tomažin Zagoričnik:
Moved By Voice
Places of the flesh of the voice and places of the voice of the flesh
The Body Of The Voice
Dialogue between a media reproduced voice and a physically present body
Loup Abramovici in Tomaž Grom:
Maybe It Is Time For The Two Of Us To Take A Moment
Performing your own presence

Tomaž Grom in Špela Trošt:
Soul, Noize, Valve and Wire
When the free improvisation music and the sound of the Balkan streets of Pristina, Tetovo, Tuzla, Novi Sad and Zagreb collide on the stage, are the borders open or closed?
When I Grow Up, I'll be a Performance
In order to perform a direct presence, you "abuse" children
Sound performance is a pretext that enables the artist to recycle and put in public once created, but rejected works
Artist's subjugation to the pressures of production and consumption as the starting point for sound performance

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