Zavod Sploh

Maybe it is time ...

Loup Abramovici_foto: sploh
Loup Abramovici_foto: sploh
Performance, 2012

Does a concert sound better than the music?
What really occupies us while we perform?

Maybe it is time for the two of us to take a moment … is a series of encounters with the audience in which musician Tomaž Grom and dancer Loup Abramovici simply take a moment to react directly to their own performing. These are moments of awareness about what you actually produce in front of people, for which during the pre-structured performance, you simply cannot take time because the show does not permit this. Creators follow the belief that in music and dance there’s no conflict between content and form, but only a conflict between form and its presentation.

Authors and performers: Loup Abramovici, Tomaž Grom
Production: Zavod Sploh and Via Negativa

04.06.2012, Cofestival, PTL
11.09.2013, U3, MSUM Ljubljana


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