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Moved By Voice

Performance, 2017 

The performance Moved by Voice by Irena Tomažin Zagoričnik continues her exploration of the relation between the body, voice, and space. Tomažin and her collaborators undertake a research into the multiple sources of voice, its flesh, its materiality and metaphysical properties, and scrutinize its meaning and place in everyday life. This is an investigation of the processes that take place when the will of the cultivated flesh slackens and permits the presence of the voice, disburdened of the dichotomy between subject and object, culture and nature, the individual and the social, between the vulnerable body and the power of performance, to grow out of the cautious and delicate space/flesh.

How to let the voice come out as resuscitation and giving ear to the manifold sound space in and outside of the individual and collective bodies? The body that listens and resonates with the heard. Every so often, the voice becomes tangible and enters the body directly – the closeness of this place is strangely uncanny because we are oblivious and alienated from our innermost flesh.

Concept: Irena Tomažin Zagoričnik
Co-created and performed by: Adriana Josipović, Nika Rozman, Irena Tomažin Zagoričnik, Nataša Živković
Dramaturgy: Barbara Korun
Sound space: Tomaž Grom
Light design: Urška Vohar
Costumes: Mateja Fajt
Design and photography: Hanna Juta Kozar / Tomaž Šantl
Photography: Nada Žgank
Executive producer: Sabina Potočki
Production: EMANAT
Co-production: Sploh
Partner: Bunker/SMEEL

07.12.2017, Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana
08.12.2017, Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana
05.02.2018, Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana
18.09.2018, Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana
23.09.2018, Ganz Novi festival, SC Zagreb, Croatia
02.03.2019, Gibanica, Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana
, festival Pelzverkehr 2019, Klagenfirt, Austria
foto: Nada Žgank
foto: Nada Žgank

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