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Research_Archiving brings together research, archival, publishing, historical and theoretical works into what is widely known as edgy music practices. Research into the current situation in theory and practice will be followed by theoretical discussion and reflection. The subject area will be addressed by various authors from different methodological and theoretical bases. Research is based on archiving, and is, at the same time, making contemporary history, primarily in the field of edgy music, but indirectly in the sense of broader social space and time, as well as related current thinking and artistic paradigms.

Our purpose is to research: 

a) when and how edgy musical content and form appear in Slovenian music practice;
b) to what extent these practices are treated in theoretical and pre-theoretical (promotional, publishing) discourse;
c) how can the concrete interplay of these creative practices and reflective discourses be explained through the specifics of the local cultural ecosystem.

We will therefore analyze how edgy music practice has been implemented and the manner in which society reflects them. We also want to explore which stakeholders, institutions and other players have been decisive in establishing the current field of edgy music practice and theoretical discourse in our space.

- Primož Trdan: Ensemble for the new millennium (Liner notes for Šalter Ensemble)
- Martin Küchen: liner notes for the album Torn Memories Of Folklore, 2021
- Steven Crowe: No title, liner notes for the album V kulturnem domu, 2021
- Mario Batelić: Jazz (with an exclamation mark), liner notes for the album Mnogobolje, 2020
- Luka T. Zagoričnik: Common Ground In A Sea Of Differences, liner notes for the album The Ear Is The Shadow Of The Eye 2019
- Luka T. Zagoričnik: Deepening A Confined Space, liner notes for the album Confined Movement 2019
- Luka T. Zagoričnik: Structural Confrontation, booklet Sound Disobedience 2018
- Primož Trdan: Where Else But Forward, Sploh 2018
- Edwin Prévost: Towards a Protean Tradition, CD Neposlušno 2012

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