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Martin Küchen Torn Memories

Liner notes to album Torn Memories Of Folklore by Tomaž Grom and  Zlatko Kaučič

Sitting outside in Lundensian sun while in my headphones Slightly Used Machine - the church glockenspiel is heard playing the old Swedish/Finnish psalm "Den blomstertid nu kommer" right through, softly ripping apart the melodic bass lines of Tomaž Grom. Then some heavy sub bass from a car stereo interferes on the track Sheep On The Right Bank while on Knitting Traps girls sing, more cars are heard passing and the dialect from Haupstadt is clearly recognizable - all the while the VERY personal hectic banging and beating, but also the tiniest sound from Zlatko Kaucic slowly makes its way out, since this is the last track on the CD,  of the very site specific musical alley just built by this remarkable Slovenian duo, generations apart, and with I guess completely different life stories, but here combining their musical intentions and chance taking as if they had been brothers since early childhood - which means forever..... - what we hear is what we get and what we get is not only a double bass full of wonder and bliss and a percussionist using all his perfect gestures, both mature and dramatic, alongside also odd electronics, breathing voices and a harmonica - all combined in a happenstance and furious battle with an ever present NOW - surrounding the listeners, surrounding the players - and even if the NOW leaves all exit doors open, who would really want to and or could use them?

The Zlatko/Grom experience is a dresser of massive possibilities. Sudden endings? - then another drawer is opened as quick as the first one was closed - or left half open. Do not worry. Bowing glissandi and bells and scratched surfaces of cymbals and skins all belong to the formula of these two highly esteemed gentlemen, both in their own right autonomous milestones for decades in Slovenian impro-art music, making hyper authentic sounds for a hypnotized multitude of 2021 and breaking its spell. Sounds are very bad at keeping physical distance.

Hvala, Zlatko and Tomaž, for showing us why.

Martin Küchen, Lund, June 2021

graphic design: Matej Stupica in Nejc Prah
graphic design: Matej Stupica in Nejc Prah

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